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Immigration Lawyer & Attorney in San Diego, California

Your freedom is too important to be in the hands of anyone except the best immigration lawyer San Diego has to offer. We will go the extra mile to fight for you when others may have already given up. 

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101 West Broadway #1360,

San Diego, CA 92101


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Who We Serve

We are proud to fight for the types of people in society who too often get ignored or brushed aside by the mainstream in San Diego, CA. We are an office of immigrants, for immigrants. Most of us are Queer, all of us are fabulous, and you can trust that we will put up one hell of a fight because we are the Bueno Law Warriors. The following list is some of the groups that our clients tend to identify with:

Pride Flag
Female Friends
Happy Children




Happy family

Indigenous Peoples

Hispanic Immigrants

Young Soccer Players

Brazilian Immigrants

Country Flags

Political Asylees


Central American Immigrants

If you are not sure whether your case is eligible to be represented by the Bueno Law Warriors, we strongly encourage you to contact us. You do not need to identify with any particular label in order for us to serve you to the best of our ability. 


Services We Offer

All of our clients are seeking new lives through legal immigration status in the US. There are many paths to this goal, and when we meet with you for a consultation, we will be able to determine the best route for you to take and make the way as smooth as possible for every step. Your unique situation might qualify you for the following paths in San Diego: 


Experience in Serving Warriors in San Diego, CA

At the offices of Bueno Law, we are all able to relate on some level to your dream of becoming a legal resident of the USA. We have been there ourselves, many of us despite bitter challenges and setbacks. That means when we fight for you, we will be doing so not only with our years of training and legal experience but also with empathy and compassion.


“My legal situation was critical when I decided to find an attorney to handle my case. My experience with Ms. Fernanda Bueno was incredible. She kept me informed of everything that happened in my case, and I understood every step. Whenever we had news, she would tell me on the same day. I never imagined I would be so fortunate as to have her as my attorney. She is an incredible lawyer and an incredible human being.”

- F.M.T.

Let Us Help You

You are not alone. No matter how difficult your journey has been, what obstacles have been thrown in your path, or how many setbacks you have encountered, we will help you start again and overcome. When you decide it is time to break the chains of fear, shame, guilt, or embarrassment that are holding you back from gaining your independence as a legal resident of the United States, we will be there by your side. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in San Diego, CA. We will hear you, believe you, and advocate for you. Let us guide you to a freer, better life. 


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Our San Diego Team

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