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LGBTQ+ Immigration Lawyer

Here at Bueno Law, our warriors have a deep, personal passion for the LGBTQ+ community. Many of our diverse staff identify as queer and have struggled to find their place as an immigrant in this country. Our LGBTQ+ immigration lawyers are here and ready to offer guidance and support through the complexities of the US immigration system. Your story was once our story, and we will give your case the fight of our lives to make it a happy ending. 


How Bueno Law Can Help LGBTQ+ Immigrants

We understand the struggles and challenges that come with making a major change in life. The complicated legal system, possible persecution, and obtaining the correct documents can all seem impossible to manage. A LGBTQ+ immigration Lawyer at Bueno Law isn’t trained to simply hand you paperwork to fill out. Instead, we stand by your side and help you overcome these challenges. When we say that we’ll advocate for you with everything we’ve got, we weren’t kidding. Whether it is obtaining a green card or the entire asylum process, we are here to walk you through the process, court cases, and legal systems. Our warriors alleviate as much stress as possible by applying their experience, time, and knowledge to your case. 


 LGBTQ+ Asylum

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community facing persecution and harassment from your home country, you may be eligible to seek asylum. LGBTQ asylum is a route one can use to obtain legal residency and a green card by those who have reason to feel unsafe in their home country due to sexual orientation. Through seeking asylum, the individual can receive protection through residency by the US government.

Receiving this level of protection and safety can be a major sense of relief for LGBTQ+ immigrants, but there are a few requirements. When qualifying for asylum in California, you must first be residing in the United States. Often this means it is best to file documentation seeking asylum within one year of residing in the US. You must also be able to provide good evidence that it is valid to fear returning to your home country due to your sexual orientation. Along with this, you need to show that relocating back to your home country is not an option and that you would not receive the protection or support you need due to this discrimination.

Seeking asylum can be a very emotional and difficult thing to try obtaining for LGBTQ+ immigrants. No matter who you are or how you identify, you deserve the right to peace and safety. If you feel as if you could qualify for LGBTQ+ asylum, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Consultations with a LGBTQ+ immigration lawyer at Bueno Law is entirely confidential and we are here to help.

Obtaining a Green Card  

A green card grants you the rights and privileges of all US citizens including education, employment, healthcare, and so much more. Obtaining and securing this significant milestone is crucial in achieving your dreams of US citizenship. However, there are many complexities and steps to obtaining a green card, which can make it difficult depending on a few different factors. The legal world is constantly shifting and evolving, but there are several pathways you can take to achieve your green card. Luckily, our immigration lawyers possess in-depth legal knowledge that keeps them up to date on the immigration process. With a dedicated and personalized approach, our LGBTQ+ immigration lawyers can increase your chances for a successful outcome.

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If you identify as an LGBTQ+ Immigrant, Reach out to our San Rafael office at (415) 754-0036 or our San Diego office at (619) 452-0855 today to get a team that understands your struggle and will fight for your rights every step of the way. 


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