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LGBTQ+ Asylum Lawyer 

At Bueno Law we are an office of immigrants for immigrants.

Our attorneys & staff are talented immigration warriors with a deep passion for assisting the lqbtq+ community through the asylum process and offering guidance on how to effectively navigate the complexities of the U.S. immigration system and your lgbtq+ asylum case.


When you work with Bueno Law you will feel like you are part of a family, because we treat you like our family. We feel specially qualified to represent members of the LGBTQ+ community since many of our diverse team identify as LGBTQ+. Your struggle is our struggle, and we will do our utmost for your benefit. Our team speaks English, Spanish, & Portuguese to best help you through your asylum case. 


Who We Serve

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However, you may still be eligible to be represented by us if you do not consider yourself a part of these demographics. We encourage you to contact us if you have experienced violence, discrimination, threats, intimidation, or abuse in any form.


What is LGBT Asylum?

LGBTQ asylum is a special route to legal residency, and obtaining a green card, within the United States available to people who are already in the U.S. and who have reason to feel unsafe in their home country due to their sexual orientation. 


If you are a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community suffering from persecution or a well-founded fear of future persecution, then you may be eligible to seek asylum. According to U.S. immigration law, individuals identifying as LGBTQ would be eligible to seek asylum since they belong to a group of individuals who share a characteristic that has been persecuted because of their membership in that group. Individuals who are transgender, homosexual, or queer would be considered members of a qualifying group for asylum. 


The primary objective for someone seeking asylum is to obtain a level of protection from the U.S. government so that they will not be forced to return to their home country. Members of the LGBTQ community seek asylum oftentimes due to chronic harassment, physical violence, and persecution in their home country. Bueno Law understands the anxiety and trauma associated with feeling such an environment. We are here to help and can assist in guiding you through the asylum process and can help you obtain a green card. 


Please note that it is best to file the requisite documentation seeking asylum within one year of your entry into the United States.

Qualifying for Asylum in California

In order to qualify for LGBT asylum in California, a person must already be residing in the USA. They must be able to demonstrate that they have a good reason to fear for their safety or well-being if they were to return to their home country. Furthermore, they need to be able to show that relocating within their home country isn’t an option and that their home country cannot or will not protect them if they were to return. 

The Process For LGBT Asylum

The first thing you’ll need to do if you are interested in seeking asylum is to connect with an LGBT asylum lawyer. Applying for LGBT asylum is not an easy process and can require various documents to be filed correctly. As with any legal process, it is all too easy to make a small mistake which can cost time and money without the help of an attorney. 

Some of the documents that may be required are personal statements from you and from others who can corroborate your claim. You’ll also need evidence that you’ve experienced harm or have been made to feel afraid in your home country. This could include hospital records, police statements, or official documentation of organized violence.

While you are waiting for the decision on your asylum case you can get a work permit which will protect you from deportation while you wait. 

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Faced by LGBTQ Warriors Seeking Asylum

Making a change in your life always seems to come along with plenty of challenges. Especially with a situation as emotionally charged as seeking asylum. This might come in the form of difficulty obtaining the correct documents, backlash from people in your country of origin, or the convoluted legal system itself. It can seem difficult to get past some of these stumbling blocks. Having experienced and confident Bueno Law Warriors by your side during the entire asylum process will help you overcome these challenges and alleviate much of the stress associated with tackling an immigration case and obtaining a green card. 

Case Study: Bueno Law’s Experience with LGBTQ+ Asylum Cases

Our client testimonials and success stories speak for themselves. Here are just a couple of the things our clients have said about Bueno Law: 

“If you’re ever thinking of taking good care of your immigrant status, there’s no wrong going with Bueno Law. Super awesome and friendly staff that makes you feel comfy and confident!”

“What a professional and amazing team! The support I had throughout the whole process was incredible. Totally recommend - Stellar team!”


Let Us Help You

At Bueno Law we stand ready to assist you in applying for LGBTQ+ asylum in San Rafael or San Diego. We are waiting to guide you through the LGBT asylum process and to your goal of legal residence through a green card in the USA. Now is the time to free yourself from the fear that’s been holding you back. You deserve peace and safety and our LGBT asylum lawyers are here to fight for you. 

Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our LGBTQ+ asylum lawyers. 


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